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High Republic

The force has traveled the cosmos since its birth., so many centuries and generations ago that no being could calculate it. and the difference lies in the body that serves as its container, knowledge of its existence, the sensation that it represents in living bodies, it only began to exist with the Jedi Order, who learned from the Dai Bendu, giving rise to the First Jedi, that being completely balanced between good and evil, who founded the Order together with the Masters Cala Brin, Garon Jard, Rajivari and Ters Sendon, in the temple they raised in Ahch-To.

The Origin of the Jedi Order

Ahch-To housed the first master, but the Order just began its journey in Ilum, an ancient planet encased in ice, where the Kyber Crystals, are formed. There, is where it all begins, in the heart of the Lightsabers. and the difference lies in the body that serves as its container, the Jedi Order was not born solely with the intention of guiding the elect along the path of the Force., on its bright side, but so that these would be Guardians of Peace.

For a thousand generations, all that knowledge on which the future of the cosmos depends was gathered and formed., well, in the eight Sacred Texts of the Jedi, recognized today as the Rammahgón and the Aionomica, which were separated into two volumes, Aionomicum I and Aionomicum II. They include the experiences of the creation of all life and the way of life. Jedi Masters, and even the deepest truth of the Force itself, the convergence of Worlds Between Worlds, where there are no longer time and space constraints, as the only real connection with the Gods of Mortis who come from the ethereal realm within the Force itself that only the sages manage to visit through a life of dedication..

Jedi order

The path of every Jedi begins with his natural selection, for force runs through their veins with genetic ferocity, thanks to the object contained in the most jealously guarded secrets of the Jedi Order, The Holocrones. Thanks to this the path of the initiates is rebellious and their character as a being is what finally gives them the possibility of being one with strength..

The era of the High Republic

As those chosen by the Force, every Jedi Master has a responsibility to the cosmos to make life prosper, maintain peace and righteousness under the light of the light side. Strengthening ties with senior governments, then the Masters left behind their role as soldiers and finally had their peak.. And for a thousand generations, there was control between the worlds, but the arrogance of a man, a Master lost in his way, Sifo-Dyas left behind his teachings of peace to form behind the back of the Jedi Council one Clone Army, that was taken advantage of by the dark side.

Trusting that the dark side of the Force is the path to many abilities that some consider unnatural, Sheev Palpatine made his move in the shadows and just like the Sith Shrine grew in the depths of the Jedi Order itself for centuries without the Masters noticing it., the Sith Lords, implanted control inhibitor chips in those clones, with the ultimate intention of destroying all Jedi.

At last, Sifo-Dyas dies as the last piece to gestate the plan that would end the High Republic and the beginning of the plummet for the balance of strength and all Jedi Masters.

The political bureaucracy that destroyed the cosmos

Sheev Palpatine's plan, it went even further than any Master could have foreseen., as a senator from Naboo, I guide the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi, to resolve a dispute between your planet and the Trade Federation, more, when the plan was underway it was already late and the Jedi barely managed to save themselves from the attack of the Royal Security Forces of Naboo, carrying with them a new hope, the Queen Regent Padmé Amidala, who would later bring into the world the royal lineage of the Force.


Then political idealism ended up separating the Jedi Council and the Republic itself., for the Count Dooku showed that just one speech is enough to decide about all the lives within the worlds.. A couple of words of conviction about those who have been dissatisfied was enough to create The Confederation of Independent Systems (CIS), which was the base piece for the Clone War, where it was finally demonstrated, the usefulness of the policy, and the power to play with the laws that the Republic itself had created.

The Clone War, the beginning of dark times

The War for Control of the Galaxy, finally demonstrated a passion for Jedi training, leading the members of the Order to confront, fear, anger, hatred and betrayal, from the hand of brothers they knew. Masters like Pong Krell and Barriss Offee, sent down the Jedi Temple, whereas Ahsoka Tano left the Order behind for not trusting it, as the Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, they became increasingly separated from each other, for the love felt by the chosen one made him the perfect target of the dark side.

clone wars

The Jedi lost the war, and the Republic was torn apart inside, thanks to Palpatine's corrupt politics and the actions of Mace Windu, now the Jedi are enemies of the Republic, that functions as a puppet of a new order. The Grand Order that the Jedi Once Were, was reduced to a last Lineage of the Skywalkers, one destined to remain on the dark side.

It will finally awaken the Force

The Padawan Ezra Bridger, more than ten years ago the birth of the last of the Jedi, prophesied the continuity of the Order, for the Force converges so imminently on both sides, the light and the dark, keeping in each one, part of the other. It was like this., as the call that in the past was made to the Skywalker lineage to safeguard peace, which was destroyed by the ambitions of the dark side, in the future it will bring from that same dark lineage, left by Darth Sidious, light for the rebels who still persist in not being overcome by the imbalance.

Maybe then the Jedi Order do not return to your former glory, but the struggle to restore peace is as deep as it is long., therefore King Skywalker she is now the guardian of all the secrets that will finally bring balance throughout the cosmos..

skywalker king

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