Handbook for the Recently Deceased: Guide to the Underworld of the Dead

Handbook for the Recently Deceased: Guide to the Underworld of the Dead

Book: Handbook of the Recently Deceased, unpublished and limited edition, Discover the rules of the World of the Dead in an ironic and fascinating tone. With a Luxury leather and handmade paper finish, That every fan of the Beetlejuice film You will appreciate and enjoy page by page. A book that deals with the possibilities of the deceased in the underworld and how to function in it.

Do you want to be one of the only ones 1000 elected who will be able to access the Mysteries of the Beyond?

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Deceased.
  • Tips and Hacks to Get Out of Limbo.
  • Expanding the Concepts of Karma and Dharma.
  • Can the living mistakenly reach the World of the Dead?

Manual in A4 Large Format with more than 20 illustrations. Handmade with ecological materials.

GTIN: 9788409528011


The mysteries and secrets of the World of the Dead Beetlejuice

The mysteries and secrets of the World of the Dead Beetlejuice

The True Essence of the Underworld And how the realm of the dead works. The Fundamental Laws, Rules of the Afterlife, karma, Exorcisms, Contact with the living and activities for the deceased, in your hands.

Handmade book made by hand, a deluxe edition of the Handbook of the Recently Deceased, only revealed to an entourage of scholars between the world of the living and the dead.

Do you believe in the afterlife?

Contents 100% original very difficult to obtain, created by visual artists and writers related to the interest in the Underworld

A secret book that everyone in the know will enjoy and will enrich you in ethical values. You will learn The Rules of the World of the Dead, How to Get Out of Limbo and How to Achieve Eternal Peace.

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Never trust the living!" - Juno

With Bizarre vintage-style illustrations On the irreverent and original vision of the afterlife.

In this book inspired by the cult film Beetlejuice, you will find the following index:

Information for the Recently Deceased
Welcome to the Afterlife!
How will the ghostly bureaucracy help you know you've died?
How do you recognize that you have died?
What does it really mean to have died?
Disadvantages of being deceased
Can there be any misconception regarding his death?
Advantages of Being Deceased
How do you get to the Hereafter?
Is this status a step between heaven or hell?
How do the rules work in the World of the Dead?
World of the Dead Rules
An Intermediate Chapter to Talk About Ghosts
What activities exist in the World of the Dead?
What celebrations exist in the World of the Dead?
What to do in case a live person wants to contact you?
Laws of the Deceased
Evaluation Methods Used by the Afterlife
What is Karma and how does it affect you in the status of Recently Deceased?
The secret to the Hereafter is the harmony of the spirit
If he is dead, how does he obtain harmony and balance of spirit?
Where are all the other deceased located?
What Can You Expect After You've Passed Away?
What does a ghostly house actually consist of?
Time within ghostly geographical parameters

The Ascension into the Aether, The Region Above the Air
Is Ether the same as Heaven?
Is there really a Breath of Life for the dead?
What other secrets are hidden in the Hereafter?
Does the immortality of the soul really exist?
Worried about Limbo? Here we will tell you what it is
How long can a soul stay in Limbo?
Tips and hacks to get out of Limbo
What is the right relationship with the living?
Problems with the living? Here's the solution
What exactly is a Bio-Exorcist?
What to do if a Bio-Exorcist tries to contact you?
Main Appendix Regarding the Laws Against Bio-Exorcists
Middle chapter to talk about exorcisms
Protocol against all types of exorcisms
What happens after a soul has been exorcised?
How can you get to the World of the Dead offices?
What happens if you left some unfinished business when you passed away?
Obligatory Appendix to Talk About Souls
What are banshees and how to avoid becoming one?
Of the Banshees and the Exorcised Souls
Is there a status in the midst of the Recently Deceased and the Afterlife?
Inquisitive Dispositions or Frequently Asked Questions: Reincarnation
Supplementary provisions: the presence of other deceased persons
Ordination for a good life with the living

Customers feedback

4.9 / 5
Inveterate reader
Inveterate reader
Do it or do not
A well-written format for declaring ethical foundations for time travel. I was pleasantly surprised, It is a strange and curious text. It is a good gift if you like the original and dense. It seems that a very realistic ethics and essay, and deals with issues such as the ethical renunciation of the time traveler or how destiny evolves. Hopefully they will publish more similar books on this subject..
Do it or do not
An ethic that surprises and pleases in a way never before seen in the genre of time travel. It is a little-known gem that I recommend to the 100% For daring readers.
Rebeca Agoiz Tabuenca
Rebeca Agoiz Tabuenca
Do it or do not
I'm a fan of Science Fiction and series like Big Bang Theory and Star Trek., and I find the possibility of time travel fascinating to me.. This book analyzes them from a more scientific and less fantastic point of view., proposing various theories and facing various problems that would come from the execution of time travel.
Do it or do not
If you are looking for a book out of the ordinary, brilliant for its technique as well as for its content, This is certainly an excellent option. From the first page the author discovers himself as an expert on the morality that time travelers should have.. It is the first time I read a science fiction essay and I found it most curious. Congratulations to the author.
Ivan Wall
Ivan Wall
Do it or do not
It is meticulously written and focused on time travelers, The method you have to travel back in time may actually be working, worth reading just for that reason. I really liked it.
Paula Q.
Paula Q.
Do it or do not
It is a book focused on the reader wandering about what it means and the implications of time travel.. The method of intrapersonal time travel is very interesting, And for that reason alone it is worth reading.
Even the illustrations can be deciphered with a little patience and the typography that they indicate in the shipment
Even the illustrations can be deciphered with a little patience and the typography that they indicate in the shipment

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Handbook for the Recently Deceased: Guide to the Underworld of the Dead



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