Aionomics - Jedi Templo Book

Aionomics - Jedi Templo Book

Sacred Book of the Jedi Temple, unpublished and limited edition, on the origin of the universe and the Force, created by the first Jedi of the Order. The keys, priceless secrets and mysteries about the energy common to all beings, from the origins of the cosmos to the perception of the intricacies of the Force in the world.

Do you want to be one of the only ones 1000 chosen ones who will be able to access the Ancestral Knowledge that Orden Jedi the Star Wars?


Original writings of the Jedi Temple on the Star Wars Force

How the Force interacts through all living things. An impressive tour about how life is aligned. with a general purpose, and how to understand it as a true Jedi.

Handmade book made by hand and with aged finish similar to a book that has lasted for centuries to the present day..

Do it or do not, but don't try

Contents 100% original very difficult to obtain, created by plastic artists and writers related to the balance of the galaxy

A secret book that every lover of the saga will enjoy. and will enrich you in ethical values. You will learn the ins and outs of the shining path and the dark side.

Something inside me has always been there. But now he has woken up. And I am afraid.

With over 20 illustrations inspired by ancient Jedi writing and from which you will have access to the transcripts

In this book inspired by the Orden Jedi the Star Wars, you will find the following index:

Strength as the first-born element
The light side
The dark side
The unifying force
The living force
The union of all things
The mighty union of force
The energy that binds and gives rise to the universe
The circulation of energy
The enhancement of energy
The emission of the energy of the universe
The dependence of the universe on force
The intense force in the universe
The universe and the conjunction of force
The value of force in the universe
The perception of force by living beings
The closeness of the living being with the force
Survival in the wake of force
Expressions of the living being and strength
Feel the force as a connection with everything that surrounds us
The domain and connection of the force
The access of the force from the connection
The union of being with force
Energy currents
The fluctuating energy of the environment
Force bends purpose
The force as the alpha of the universe
Alignment of beings with a global purpose
Consideration of the overall purpose
The balance of forces in the universe
Without the harmony of force there is no existence
The disturbance in the original force, that gave rise to the cosmos
The journey from the origin of the force disturbance
The character of man and his relationship to the Jedi force
Force is the greatest capital for man
Courage in developing strength
Character is the center of everything for man
Fate underlies every decision
The confrontation of destiny
Choices facing destiny
Converting the common to excellence
Converting the common to excellence
The freedom to choose selfish or altruistic decisions
Imposing altruism on the search for peace
The alignment with the whole
The emotional relationship of the actions
Free will and our responsibility to balance
Responsibility does not deprive free will

Will and responsibility as rector
The principles that proceed from free will
The path of inner balance
The change of destiny and internal balance
The motivation to achieve inner balance
Outside noise as a blockage of balance
How to perceive what fate holds? how we act
The search for man's knowledge
The story of the real man
Wisdom as a guide to destiny
The highest purposes
Strengthening a dignified existence
The power of individual change
Time sets the tone for altruism
The purposes most interested
Egoism transforms the soul
Works of interest
Individual will prevails
Why must there be a balance, between individual and elevated purposes?
Balance defines success
The influence of balanced purposes
Individual development depends on balance
The power to perceive love and beauty in beings and to reciprocate
Overcoming inequality
Attention and the manifestation of love
The consideration of love
The power of the most radical emotions in beings and how they transform us
Emotions as a stimulus
Work with the center of consciousness
The balance between love and hate, to know both sides of the force
The development and understanding of the universe
The harmony of the bond that unites everything
The Prophecy about the Balance of Force
The validity of force
Assume balance of force
What characterizes a Jedi and a Sith?
The opposite duality of the Jedi and the Sith
The Jedi and Sith Guidelines
What do a Jedi and a Sith have in common?
The conquest of the galaxy as a common goal
Restriction of the use of force
The Jedi Code
The counterposition of the Jedi code
The Jedi Ascension
Jedi training and teaching

Customers feedback

4.9 / 5
Diego Torquemada Sánchez
Do it or do not
I recently received my copy. I like the book very much, the binding , paper treatment, the wooden cover... Is beautiful, looks like something out of a library lost in time. It is a highly recommended quality product for fans of star wars and old books who want to understand more about the force.
Jose Angel
Jose Angel
Do it or do not
As soon as I took it out of its packaging and touched the wood of its cover, I was already feeling it as something really authentic., the silky and resistant fabric of its back, the relief of its details and the weight. When opening it and touching its leaves I have realized the incredible care and detail, not an aged book that feels contrived, it really gives the feeling of holding scriptures of incalculable antiquity.
Time Travelers
Time Travelers@viajeros_tiempo
Do it or do not
A true work of art, has a very successful antique look, and the illustrations are based on the book that appears in the movie where Rei trains as a Jedi with Skywalker.. In addition, the content is very interesting. I consider myself quite a Star Wars fan and this book more than lives up to the saga..
Carles Almela
Carles Almela
Do it or do not
This is a perfect gift for any Star Wars fan to fulfill their expectations.. The finish is handcrafted and you can tell that it is handmade.. Even the illustrations can be deciphered with a little patience and the typography indicated in the shipment.. It is a good entertainment.
Ana Beta
Ana Beta
Do it or do not
I was recommended the Star Wars book published by Verbalus Mater as a gift for a family member who is very fond of the movies.. And the book is impressive, with a wooden cover with embossed runes and a burnt paper that looks like antique. It is very faithful to the one that appears in the cinema.
Even the illustrations can be deciphered with a little patience and the typography that they indicate in the shipment
Even the illustrations can be deciphered with a little patience and the typography that they indicate in the shipment

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Aionomica Book – Jedi Temple Book



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10% Disc