Verbalus mater

Collection book workshop

A place to dream, a place to create and an online space to share.

We manufacture all collector's books in a traditional way, that's why our finishes are so authentic.

We produce grimoires and collector's books with papyrus, aged paper, wood, leather, waxed yarn and varnishes, to get a result that 100% artisanal and ecological. Away from highly polluting industrialized processes that harm sustainability.


In Verbalus Mater we are committed to the publishing world in a different way, we focus our copies for readers who are looking for much more than just a story.

Create atmospheres that will transport you towards universes based on your favorite movies or the arcane magic that requires so much delicacy.

We pamper each
book to be unique

Editorial art is analogous to delay. A good book is enjoyed with every word, with each paragraph.

Similarly, the manufacturing process of our collector's books, needs dedication at every stage gluing, perforated, sewn, etc.