The Rise of Every Jedi Master

Jedi order

For more than a thousand generations the Jedi Order maintained the balance between strength, representing everything that, the bright side desires for the cosmos, more, when the Schism, those hundred years of sorrow and darkness that in their wake only left the birth of the Sith. War came upon all that the Order once stood for., which fragmented pitted Jedi brothers against each other, until finally the Former Republic, fell and along with it disappeared the Sith.

The New Galactic Republic, the dawn that only brought darkness

Darkness always remains in all light, just as in the dark there is never a lack of light, therefore, despite the hope that the New Galactic Republic, under the protective mantle of the Jedi Order, the Sith Who, training in the shadows with Darth Bane's guidance, attained a unique knowledge of strength, and continued to corrupt teachers until they went deep into the Republic, finally turning it into an instrument for the dark side, keeping Sith Lords, in its most prominent positions.

anakin skywalker

The Senator Palpatine he is now the supreme chancellor of the Republic, and the Clone War left behind all the fear that the dark side was capable of creating., therefore, the infected government of the Republic hunted the last Jedi Masters, until they are almost completely exterminated with the Order 66, but by luring Anakin Skywalker to the dark side, the one whom prophecy had announced as the great savior of the Order, was the final blow, leaving only the Galactic Empire as the government in whom the entire cosmos was to serve.

The Grand Master, always the wisest Jedi

During light times, men follow men of light, during times of war and darkness, need a Master. destroying with their obsessions the life that the cosmos has created, to every star Jedi High Council, appoint a leader among them, the wisest and the oldest member, to lead and peace during the most difficult times.

Master Yoda

For years Master Yoda, fulfilled that function, leading the Order Jedi in the face of its extermination, who left only his apprentice Luke Skywalker, as the survivor who again elevated to the Jedi Order, as the Guardians of Peace who for centuries were, only that, leaving behind all the political principles that the High Council had established, to retake a much older wisdom, which he himself collected and protected, the ancient Sacred Texts of the Jedi Order, but without forgetting everything necessary to be a Master, all the sacrifice it represents and the service that never ends, for even in times of peace, strength needs its brightest side.

The Way of the Jedi

At the birth of the Order, the Jedi Knights regarded themselves as the sole protectors of peace., being the beings able to control the force, but before the corruption of that government in which they believed, left all the Masters in the face of an event that was never foreseen before, the total extermination of their faith. Despite that,, to every star Grandmaster Luke Skywalker, kept the Jedi Code in exile, next to all others Sacred Texts of the Jedi, who not only taught the followers of the Order not to fall into the temptations of the dark side, they also showed the wisdom and training that forges a true Jedi Master., of your body, to his soul.

Jedi order

This is how the idea that, a Jedi initiate will seek his own Kyber Crystal, but not the ritual of the Assembly, for no initiate really begins his path, without leaving behind their own fears or failures. Other rituals such as the braid of the Padawan, perhaps they have also been forgotten, but many others, as the path of strength that only a Master can give to a single Padawan, they were never left behind, for the knowledge of force is transmitted at the same time that it is perceived throughout the body, until it is finally worthy of becoming an instrument of this, in a true Jedi Knight.

The Jedi Knights, the full right of the order

Only when a Padawan is able to pass his nine tests, he is truly able to let go of his unique and selfish self to ascend as a member of the Jedi Order with full right to be part of the Force. The nine tests have probably now been forgotten, but they really remain in force in the path of any Padawan.

Teamwork, isolation, anger and fear, the betrayal of loved ones, concentration, instinct, and above all the forgiveness and protection. It's those tests., those capable of manifesting themselves in any way, even by the Master himself, or the apprentice himself, for the temptations of the dark side, they usually reach the most secret and profound of beings, to corrupt them from within. destroying with their obsessions the life that the cosmos has created, living with others, forgiving, to meditate and protect life in all its forms, are the only way to reach the Jedi Order and the power that force promises.

Jedi High Council

Finally ascend, Jedi Master

May pride and weariness in service never combine in the way of the Jedi, for those are the traits that separate them from being a true Master.. At the height of the Order, the initiates were taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to pass all the tests that strength required, to finally rise as Jedi Master, we finally found news of Jedi Knight Obi-Wan, when the Order goes through its darkest moments, all those surviving Jedi, they cross paths in what seems like solitude.

We use cookies on our website to provide you with the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits., the knowledge of the Masters who came before, hasn't really been lost, for as long as the Force is the power that governs the entire cosmos, there will be in it the knowledge of all who ever served the Order, who are now voices that only those really touched by light, are able to listen.

Ascend in such a way Jedi Master, for now more than ever the cosmos needs a balance to continue with the life that begins and ends only under the guard of the True Jedi.

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